A one day mini retreat is an opportunity to step off the conveyor belt of life and spend time in a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere, reflecting upon and exploring the movement of the mind,body and emotions.

For those people looking for spiritual developement of the mind, body and spirit.
A workshop will take you to a deeper depth than a general weekly class.
More knowledge is shared on each yoga asana/postures.
A step by step guide to Pranayama/breathing.
Guided Meditation/yoga Nidra and visalization techniques.
Nada Yoga , Mantra and healing sound baths for Meditation.
Due to a small group you will receive undivided attention and receive more hands on adjustments than in a general class. This will allow ones body to come back in to balance and to experience the correct alignment.

Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre
46 Albert Rd North,

Saturdays 2021
February 20th / May 29th / July 24th / September 25th
2pm - 6pm - £48.00

"Developing a deeper awareness of your relationship
with your own mind and body.
Discover the true self that lies deep within, be truly present and shine brightly.
There you will find the stillness & Joy." Rachel Potter

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