I have been attending Rachel's classes for 6 months, and the results are incredible. I have regained flexibility in parts of my spine that have not moved in years, my lung capacity has increased by 100, and I'm happier and healthier than I have been in years. Rachel is a wonderful teacher, adapting group classes to fit all levels, with the routines varying each week too I honestly can't recommend her highly enough!

Tina December 2017
Westcroft Leisure

I have been attending Rachel's classes for about six months and the results are amazing.
I have suffered from debilitating sciatic pain since a botch operation four years ago and was using painkillers daily. Under Rachel's instruction combined with some basic Pilates moves, I have managed to ditch the painkillers and control any painful episodes with a combination of yoga positions and yogic breathing. My posture has improved as has my ability to 'relax' properly, through meditation, so increasing my energy levels. Rachel is an excellent teacher who easily caters to all levels of experience.

Janet July 2014
Westcroft Leisure

Rachel Potter is an excellent Yoga Instructor, I consider her my Yoga Guru as I have continued my practise for several years, followed by regular workshops/retreats. Yoga has become a part of my lifestyle, it genuinely makes me feel, healthier, energised, uplifted, confident and stronger in my Mind & Body. The most wonderful experiences I've had are attending the blissful Yoga Retreats with Rachel. A refreshing week full of Yoga & Cleansing, Pranayama & Meditation, Healthy Vegetarian Meals for the Mind, Body and Soul. It's the best "Me Time" ever. Rachel has a unique gift, her heartfelt approach and passion for teaching her yoga, giving guidance as you practice, to flow, to go at your own pace, within your own ability and encouraging to take it up the next level. Above all, she connects very well individually with her students, making you feel grounded through the Yoga she teaches. Rachel has recently introduced "Sound Healing" and that too is very calming and spiritually uplifting.

Pragna 2017
Sutton, Surrey

I have been learning yoga with Rachel for close to 10 years now and it has been a fantastic experience. I've done her weekend and week retreats plus her yoga workshops as well as attending her weekly classes. She is a knowledgeable, passionate, kind and gifted teacher. She has a fantastic attitude and transfers her passion for yoga to her students. Every class is enjoyable because she is always challenging you and encouraging you. I leave every class feeling lifted, positive and happy – I also have the best night's sleep after her classes! Her teaching and classes have strengthened my body, calmed my mind, given me a lot of confidence and I have made some very special friends. I love my yoga 'mojo' and I can't imagine not having yoga in my life! And I can't believe that at the age of (cough) 50-something I'm doing headstands and handstands (last time I did that regularly, I was at junior school!)

Karen 2017
Sutton, Surrey

I started yoga with Rachel over 6 years ago, at first I did one class a week but I enjoyed it so much that I increased it to two classes. This has really helped me become physically stronger and much more flexible - I can do poses now that I never thought I would master. Learning the breathing and meditation techniques,have helped me to relax more easily. Rachel is a great teacher - really clear and encouraging but always pushing you on one step further, she explains the background to poses and the benefits so you gain a better understanding of what you are doing. I really enjoyed everything about the yoga holiday in Kos - the accommodation, meals at the taverna, the lovely beaches,a memorable experience to practice outside in the sunshine and even on the beach, doing two classes a day really improves your yoga. The whole holiday was very relaxing and real opportunity to both calm down and recharge your batteries

Susanna.B - 2016

Thank you for a truly special retreat. As you know this was my third retreat with you and each retreat has opened up something different for me. I really do feel that this retreat was very special, thanks to you and your unique teaching and guidance, together with an amazing group, that really connected together. For me I continue to develop with each retreat, both within myself and my practice. By the end of the week, my heart felt whole!The physical practice, pranayama and meditations were tailor made for the group, it's like you just know what we need! My thanks also to Villa Athena and Skala, Mickey's a true star.


I have no hesitation in recommendation's for Rachel's retreats and weekend workshops. In addition to the excellent yoga tuition, each time I return from one of her retreats, I feel calmer, happier and fitter, feeling positive and that anything is possible. Thank you Rachel


“I have been attending Rachel’s yoga class for about 4 years now. I don’t think ‘I must do yoga because I must do exercise’ but I think “Great, it’s Monday, time for yoga”. Rachel makes learning yoga such a positive, feel-good experience that I can’t wait for Monday to come around! I have gained many benefits from attending yoga, those which you might expect yoga to give you; but it is Rachel herself who has made it so enjoyable and worthwhile. Through her excellent teaching and thorough knowledge, I have improved my yoga and increased body awareness. Rachel has given me the yoga-bug!”

Janet Baumkotter

I have been doing yoga with Rachel Potter for several years now. When I first started attending her classes I sometimes found Rachel a hard task master, but I am now delighted with the results. Rachel has enabled me to progress a great deal by introducing me to & giving me more confidence with advanced postures and always encouraging me to work hard at improving each posture. I greatly enjoy the style of yoga she teaches and can honestly say that she is one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure to work with.

Jackie Gallacher
Sutton, Surrey

"Yoga grounds me and keeps me sane through the good and the bad. It allows the mind, body and soul 'time out' and it doesn't matter how good you are, what you look like, how your feeling, it's your time.

Rachel's relaxed, grounded approach, smile and knowledge of postures, the body and sense of humour shine through in classes, making the session's both unstuffy and varied. Finding a yoga teacher you are in tune with is key, and Rachel's gift is this empathy."

Lucy B, x

This was my second time at your Yoga retreat in Kos. Did not expect it to be as good as the first but it was even better. The yoga practice was superb. After a couple of days I was getting into positions I never thought possible. The villa and facilities were wonderful. Even my eczema cleared after a dip in the thermal springs. Sun, sea, Yoga and relaxation what more could you ask. Definitely up for next year. Thank, you Rachel.

Janet Pickering